Best Android Strategy Games

Download Castle Clash for Android

Castle Clash is an epic base-building Android strategy game that boasts over 100 million players worldwide. The popular title is available in over seven languages, and every day, players go head-to-head fighting and raiding in a quest for world domination. The game is ranked for players age 10 and up, and recently underwent a significant upgrade for 2015, with new features added by the developer. The goal of Castle Clash is to conquer your enemies and become a powerful warlord. You begin the game with a brief tutorial, the […]

Strategy, RPG
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Download Throne Rush

Throne Rush is your ultimate RTS building game. Prepare your army for war in the war-strategy game that is available on Android (Google play), iOS, and Facebook. Take control of your small kingdom and expand through building core structures and by upgrading them. Acquire resources by mining, milling and raids. Recruit/train armies to add your offensive power to fight your foes, and boost your defenses by building towers and walls to increase resistance to attacks. Game outline Endless sanguinary battles cloud the Adergran land. Many imposters are […]

Strategy, RPG, Action
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Download Clash of Clans for Android

Supercell's Clash of Clans is an epic army Android strategy game available via a free download from the Google Play store. In Clash of Clans, players focus on building their own community, on training their troops and on engaging in battle with other players. Unlike other Android strategy games, Clash of Clans is just as much about tower offense as it is about tower defense. Players must be vigilant against attacks, or they risk falling victim to enemy troops, which keeps the gameplay exciting. The game was released in 2013, and is […]

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Download Breach & Clear for Android

Gun Media's Breach & Clear is a turn-based Android strategy game that immerses players right into the action. The goal of the game is to take out terrorists by breaching buildings to clear them of enemies. Each team is comprised of four commandos, based on real-world Special Operations individuals. Six classes are available for the soldiers, and each individual fulfills a special role in combat. Your troops open fire automatically once a clear shot is available, which makes the game all about where and how you move. […]

Strategy, Shooter, Action, Wargame
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Download Defense Zone HD for Android

Defense Zone HD is a tower defense game that delivers a premium visual experience, a wide variety of weapons, and fun, thrilling gameplay. The Android strategy game is from the Russian game creator Artem Kotov, and it challenges players to keep their towers safe from hordes of invading enemies. Defense Zone HD was such a popular title, that the creators developed two sequels, Defense Zone 2 and Defense Zone 3. If you want a new tower defense game, look no further! The mobile game features multiple levels where players are tasked with defending their turrets against a stream of […]

Strategy, RPG, Wargame
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