A comprehensive Guide on How to Successfully Play Clash of Clans

A comprehensive Guide on How to Successfully Play Clash of Clans

It is worth to note that winning some gem rewards is one of the reasons for joining a clan

Tips on Getting Free Elixir

  • All your army camps need to be at full capacity.
  • Laboratory improvement for wall breakers is a must if you want a free elixir.
  • Consider lining up countless wall breakers in your barracks.
  • After laboratory upgrade, you can now delete all the queued wall breakers. That way, you are going to get a refund for the troops at the advanced elixir cost.

Surefire Tips on Protecting Your Elixir Overnight

 Always make sure your army camps are full.

  • Line up lots of wall breakers in your barracks.
  • When your army camps are at full capacity, obviously the elixir will be “spent” and will not be at any risk again.
  • To restore your elixir, consider canceling out the build order when playing the game again.

Effective Tips for Protecting Your Elixir

Clash of Clans Tips for Starters

 First of all, you need to join a clan. This helps create a pleasant social setting. It can also add something productive to your game. Huge rewards can be brought by the coordinated raids as well as the troops meant to assist you in battling.

  • The next thing is to construct structures close together. This helps in defense when the battle is underway. Also, ensure that there are many walls between your resources and the outside.
  • To be effective in the war, consider placing your strongest defense in a strategic central position. This makes it hard for enemies to come near and make destruction.
  • Spare your gems. This is because they do not come as easy as you may think. So, you should only use them whenever you are desperate or have plenty of them.
  • Avoid sending too many troops to attack. This is because once troops go for battle, they do not come back. So, be extremely careful not to use all of them in a single attack.

How to Acquire Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Most of the Clash of Clans game players always want to know the tricks of getting free gems. To achieve this, you should consider eliminating obstacles, such as rocks, bushes, and trees from the field. By doing so, you are going to get gems. Always keep in mind that gems are awarded whenever you attain a certain level or achievement. For example, if you steal 1 million elixirs, you will be granted 20 gems.

Attain Achievements In Order To Earn Free Gems

Bear in mind that installing a Clash of Clans hack with the aim of getting unlimited gems, elixir or gold is against the law. Remember that Supercell, the game developer makes money out of this game, so hacking it can be regarded as theft. Again, the Clash of Clans hacks can damage your computer or device in which they are installed in. Instead of harming your expensive electronic device, consider using our Clash of Clans tips.

 Hope the above Clash of Clans cheats have added value to you. If you need tips and tricks for any other game (s) kindly comment below.