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Download Clash of Kings

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Are you up for some fun? Empire Game Studios brings to you one of its biggest hits, Clash of Kings, that offers you a thrilling world-class experience right in your Android phone. The game objective is to let players create an empire from scratch where they use strategies to conquer the neighboring empires so as to survive while battling for their throne. This game lets you be a part of an online world where various kingdoms fight against each other with the aim of having full control of a PVP fantasy kingdom. 

In the Clash of Kings game, players are pitted against each other after being drawn from friends and challengers worldwide. As the players progress through the game and expand their territories, they get the chance to explore the fantasy kingdom and engage challengers into battles in a bid to become the greatest and most powerful fantasy king throughout the lands. However, it is not all rosy in Clash of Kings as players have to combine skill and strategy to emerge successfully against their enemies. 

Clash of Kings begins with the player as the king of a city who leads his army in a siege to take his city back from invaders or enemies. To do this, the player must first mobilize resources for training his troops, upgrade structures, put up new buildings, perform research and then head into battles. 

Building an empire is a slow process because the timers only allow you to construct or upgrade buildings one at a time. This is a common issue in free time gated games. However, if you wish to skip this process, you only need to upgrade to the premium level. At this level, you can simultaneously upgrade two or more structures in just a couple of minutes. 

After you have built your city, it’s time to create and join an organized Alliance. An alliance is a group of players who work collaboratively to build their cities. Allies come in to aid in erecting buildings or provide reinforcements for their members. When a player wants to attack, he asks for backup from his allies who respond by contributing their troops allowing for the use of strong military force to crumble their enemies’ walls. Besides joining alliances, players can also attack each other where only the winning team gets to acquire more resources. It is also a great way of socializing with other players of the game.

Clash of Kings is visually appealing and gives the player full control when playing. From the construction of buildings and barracks to the acquisition of weapons and wealth, the experience is just amazing. The game has reasonable graphics performance, but the quality is not high enough to write home about. Additionally, the sound effects are excellent.

Clash of Kings combines strategy and fantasy into one package to bring to its players the best city building games on the market. However, this game is ideal for anyone who enjoys building and managing empires and also for those who, between the long periods of waiting during upgrades, play other similar games. Otherwise, if you like to play fast-paced games, you might end up getting frustrated, unless you want to spend some premium credits.