Download Invasion: Modern Empire

Download Invasion: Modern Empire

Strategy, Shooter, Action
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Invasion: Modern Empire is a free online war game that features not only a thrilling war simulation but also a real-time battle strategy. The game challenges the player to build a great empire in the post-apocalyptic 2020. As a player, you will attempt to sweep your army across the entire land in order to conquer the enemy lords. Your aim is to fight so that you together with your military tramp have victory as you become the only hero or dominant military of this fallen world. With this game, you should prepare to get not only real-time MMO battles but also exhilarating and spectacular 3D graphics. All you need is to join this fight online and then partner with a given clan to spread your influence. Thereafter, you can join massive Monument Wars that allows clans to war or fight over the remnants of any ancient monuments so as to command very powerful resources.


Features of Invasion: Modern Empire

· Use the real-time panoramic map to conquer and command during the war

· Customize and build your own base

· To rule this apocalypse, you have to battle all your enemies in a nail-biting RTS combat

· Fight for your entire land and be able to enlarge your guild’s territory

· Fight online in alliances or unions and crush every guild that comes your way

· It has an alliance hub feature that allows you to have a live chat so you can find the impeccable team

· It has upgraded warfare tactics as well as cutting-edge technology that enables you to collect intel and grab an upper hand

· Clash online with guilds in PvP “Monument Wars”

· Get a chance to guide your entire army in real time


Compatibility Requirements

 This is the best part of the game. It is very compatible with so many phones including iPod touch, TECNO L6, iPhone as well as iPad. All you need is to ensure that your phone’s operating system is either Android 4.0 and up or iOS 6.0 and up. 


Important Note

 You can buy some game items of this Invasion: Modern Empire for real money. In case you are not interested in using this feature, all you need is to go to the settings of your own Google Play Store and set up a good password protection for any purchases. 


If you are experiencing any challenges, it could be that the game has been upgraded. All you need is to completely erase the tap4fun folder and reinstall the game’s app afresh in your device. 


With the latest version, you are guaranteed of improved customer service support system, more Halloween themed troops and headquarters, reduced number of bugs, and commander skill updates that have limited time among other great features. 


Most cities have actually been reduced to ashes and governments have fallen. Rival armies are clashing for power in this chaotic new age. It is only you together with your star army that can defeat the world’s utmost monuments and rebuild great cities and governments. 

 Do you really belong to a clan that has what it takes to be the lords of the apocalypse? Just join this fight now and find out for yourself.


The actual Invasion has begun! 

Now open your fire! Download this Invasion game and be a lord in the apocalypse!