Download Plants vs. Zombies FREE

Download Plants vs. Zombies FREE

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Plants vs. Zombies is a video game developed and published originally by PopCap Games for OS X and Microsoft Windows. It involves a homeowner with a wide variety of plants to prevent zombies from getting to their house and eat their brains.

There is a horde of scary zombies on the loose full of Zamboni, snorkelers and pole vultures and it is up to you to fill the garden with protective plants such as cherry combs, wall nuts, sunflowers or peashooters. The gameplay is strongly in the realm of tower defense genre where there are a number of plots in your lawn that you can plant plants and avenues the zombies will use to approach your house all of which you should repel in order to save your brains.

Truly Addictive and Strategic

What makes Plants vs. Zombies enjoyable is how accessible and addictive it is as well as the crazy yet hilarious setting. Whether you are watching the look of despair on the wall nuts as they get eaten or you are planting a tomato to take out a thriller zombie, the music and visuals of this game make it perfect by getting your full attention. A great thing about the gameplay is a wide variety like when you have just gotten used to fighting the zombies during the day, they begin to attack in the night, and you have to strategize all over again for a night time plantation.

Unlocking new plants at the end of every level and changing the dynamic of the game is great especially to new players as it helps them to stay at ease even in difficult times. However, a downside to the gentle learning curve is that it takes time to get to the challenging levels for the experienced players, which can be annoying. Regardless of this, there are several game modes where fans can test their skill without the main adventure gameplay. 

So Many Game Modes as well as Mini Games to Enjoy

For example, there is a survival mode that allows you to keep the plants in between levels and requires you to change your garden constantly as zombies with different waves come at you. This means that you can use more exotic plants though this has its own challenges.

There are also several puzzles and mini games which are entertaining like I, Zombie, an endless mode that flips tables and allows you to deploy zombies in an enjoyably evil twist.


Some concerns about this gameplay is the slow loading which is caused by the high-quality graphics, but once it begins to run, the entire gameplay is smooth.

Another concern is the fact that after you download Plants vs. Zombies Free, you only get one hour to try the free version after which you have to purchase the full version at 6.99 dollars.

Generally, Plants vs. Zombies is an addictive game with strategic complexity. Its variety of zombies, plants, and levels keeps things fresh as you work through the various game modes and through the 50-level adventure. Though the pace is not as pleasant, the action is quite intense and challenging if you stick for a little while.

Plants vs. Zombies is certainly a great game for all fans of any age.