Download Siegefall for Android

Download Siegefall for Android

Strategy, RPG, Wargame
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Siegefall is an Android strategy game set in a medieval fantasy setting where you play as a warlord. Your goal is to conquer the map, taking over as many regions as possible with the help of your army. At the beginning of the game, players will be acquainted with Siegefall's features with the included tutorial. You can then start to build your kingdom and be on your way to epic domination.

Players of Siegefall need to not only construct a powerful kingdom, but also protect their kingdom as well. They can use traps, barricades, and other defenses against invaders. These obstacles are available for purchase via the game's currency of wood and gold. Luckily with Siegefall, you can use buildings to produce currency, rather than having to purchase it in an online store. Currency may also be obtained by raiding your enemies' bases, and earning at least three stars for your performance. The third currency, gems, may also be found in chests hidden within your kingdom.

Your kingdom needs a strong army, and Siegefall lets you create an army of your choosing by offering several classes of characters. The game provides a good variety of rogues, trolls, knights, and heroes for the picking. The hero class is the strongest character, and you can assign him to attack enemies. Unlike other games where you can raid enemy buildings, Siegefall offers a card collection system. You're able to use these cards during battles, and each card has its own power, such as healing injuries or summoning dragons.

Siegefall is a compelling Android strategy game with beautiful visuals and exciting gameplay features. The game's medieval setting offers plenty of chances to enjoy building and defending your kingdom, and is recommended for fans of Clash of Clans.