Download Throne Rush

Download Throne Rush

Strategy, RPG, Action
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Throne Rush is your ultimate RTS building game. Prepare your army for war in the war-strategy game that is available on Android (Google play), iOS, and Facebook.

Take control of your small kingdom and expand through building core structures and by upgrading them. Acquire resources by mining, milling and raids. Recruit/train armies to add your offensive power to fight your foes, and boost your defenses by building towers and walls to increase resistance to attacks.

Game outline
Endless sanguinary battles cloud the Adergran land. Many imposters are claiming the crown – but who should be the king?
Your people and their future depend on you. Erect strong walls around the city and lead the army to fight your declared enemies. Could your name be immortalized in the world chronicles?

Throne Rush is a fantastic real-time strategy that shows a fantasy world waiting for a hero, and you can be one if your play excellently!

Fortify, build and protect. It offers a large variety of resources and building.

Unique mercenary - mercenary can be upgraded up to when they are invincible!

Unique heroes that have special talents: swordsman mage, anchor

Exciting daily quests – you’ll not get bored!, Clash your enemies with a sword, Exciting campaigns – such as killing the monster.

Numerous strategy and clan alliances.

Distinctive card collections.

Themed heroes, events and artefacts.

Fighting in royal cooperation – get priceless assistance from friends.

The build button will allow you to create army barracks, treasury department, mining capabilities, headquarters, and brotherhood house.

Upgrade your castle to unlock more items. Thus, give more priority to the castle to offer more to your people.

Required Capabilities
- media playback
- web browser component
- directional and movement sensor
- music library
- data services

Emerge the Brave Warlord and clinch the empire!

New features
A new update - Brave warlord.
Mines, storages, and Windmills now show the amount of resources inside, which will allow you to plan effectively your combat tactics.

The world map has been redesigned – it is quite interactive and has new information.
The new app has been enhanced with numerous improvements aimed to aid faster and better performance.

Favorable features

Good Graphics

It has an excellent graphic look. The structures are smooth, have fine details and are well toned. Also, it has a clean interface and friend bar that you can quickly minimize.

Good soundtrack

It has straightforward and plain sound effects and a good soundtrack. The sound effects include clashing, crashing, and breaking.

Very Good Gameplay

Throne Rush the regular gameplay that allows you to gather, build, attack, train and defend. However, it has a balanced system that allows the user to enjoy building or strategy.

Contrary to most other approach centered video game, Throne Rush is readily available in bigger functions that have numerous materials from soldiers that you can quickly setup unto heroes that you can employ in the struggle. Keep creating enough armies to enable you to win the game. Easily save your game progress so that you can view your previous game. Earn the morale and keep playing! Download the game on Google play store and play to victory!