Tips, tricks and how to get more Clash of Kings gold

Tips, tricks and how to get more Clash of Kings gold

Another successful immersive online game making some waves in the Android mobile gaming field. Clash of Kings is an exciting real-time strategy and building simulation game where you fight to take control of cities, towns, and resources. Would you like to learn how to get more gold, beginner tips and tricks? Then read on.

How to Get More Clash of Kings Gold

- Bind your account to Facebook

By binding your account to Facebook, you not only get the advantage of receiving some free gold right away, but you also make sure that you don’t lose the hours you have spent playing the game in case you accidentally delete it. Liking Clash of Kings’ fan page is also a great way to get rewards in the form of gold and also to learn more about the game.

- Invite friends

Inviting a friend is another way to earn more gold in Clash of Kings. You receive gold when you invite a friend. The more friends you invite, the more gold you earn (take a look at the list of rewards below)

- Cash in Daily Rewards

Cash in daily rewards can be found on a daily basis at 8 PM in the tavern.

- Don’t waste Gold in Tutorial

There is no need of wasting your gold in the tutorial. The best thing to do is to wait and keep the gold. 

- Gold Mines

It’s quite simple to get gold via gold mines; however, it’s rather time-consuming and takes a lot of your troops.

Make sure that you benefit from daily rewards

Clash of Kings Beginner Guide

- How to Protect your Troops

If you would like to protect your troops, you can send them to ruin. They cannot be attacked while there, and they can be recalled immediately. 

- Hook up with an Alliance

Try not to play the lone wolf role during your time with the game. Teaming up with an active alliance makes the game easier, whether you are attacking or defending. 

- Use a New Account to Spy on The Castle

Start a new game and place the castle next to the one you would like to spy on. You can then begin scouting.

Rewards When You Invite a Friend

- 3 Friends, you get 100 Gold, 1-hour speedup, 100 VIP points, 500 Lord EXP

- 5 Friends, you get 2x Gold, 2x War Horn, 100 VIP points, 2x 500 Lord EXP

- 10 Friends, you get 3x 100 Gold, 2x War Horn, 2x 100 VIP points, 3x 500 Lord EXP

- 20 Friends, you get 5x 100 Gold, 2x Gold Arrow, 3x 100 VIP points, 4x 5000 Lord EXP

Invite your friends for an instant cash boost.

Clash of Kings Cheats

- Currently, there are no cheats available for Clash of Kings. As this title relies heavily on in-app purchases and balanced mechanics. Anyway, you would undermine the whole system to exploit this.

- Be sure to keep your login details a secret and trust no one who claims that they can log into your account and help increase your gold amount or sell it.

Do you have any more helpful tips for Clash of Kings? Please let us know in the comment section.