Tips, Tricks, Tactics and Strategies to Win Clash Royale

Tips, Tricks, Tactics and Strategies to Win Clash Royale

Tips for novice players


- Choose a balanced mixture of units, from the very beginning, instead of choosing strong units that cost you greatly. 

- Weaker units that can be regenerated quickly should also be included.

- Do not panic if pressured by the opponent as any hasty decision can make you lose the game.

- Do not get rid of all of your units instantly at the last moment but focus on protecting them like a king’s tower.

- Ensure to have a balanced mixture of cards in your pocket so that you can help the novice players.


Tips offered by readers

According to Hannes wide ranged and giant units should be used initially and repeated until you win. Then you can observe opponent moves to play defensive. These tactics enable the third level players to withstand a lot of fighting units until defeating the enemy.


Deck tips for Clash Royale

 Have a good deck along with sophisticated tactics while entering this game as nothing is perfect in this world. Following guidelines can help you win the game:

- Instead of fighting only with costly or cheap units, fight with a balanced mix of them.

- Fast moving units that can destroy towers. Defending units and performing well against air can be the best option.

- Opt for quickly moving units if you play aggressively. Otherwise, you can go for damage restraining units if playing defensively. But a balanced mix can be the right choice for all. 

- Improve the game by knowing your stay on it as it can be better if your staying time is low. 

- Select the right cards for the deck of Clash Royale at any level.


Deck tips from readers

 A level six player in Arena Four suggests that strong minion horde can be used in all decks, but if you use multiple units then rage spell can be useful for you to destroy them. A favorite witch can be used to attack a dragon on another unit. Your territory can be balanced with goblin huts if your opponent also owns one. The splash of baby dragon damages the spear goblins in one smash. Rockets can be used for damaging up to 250 units even in the first level. Tough barbarians and high-level bombers can be used as the second card to attack the crowds of goblins etc. 


Strategies and tactics for Clash Royale

 Slowly responding player to his opponent has rare chances to win. One can make winning strategies with following hints:

- Start playing cards when the elixir meter is full.

- Use strong combat units to protect your ranged troops.

- Destroy enemy tower while playing defensive to make your victory safe. 

- Send troops to the enemy tower if the destruction of your tower is expected.

- You can defend your tower against many enemies very well even without using a fighter to defend it.

 -Instead of using destroying units use combat units to destroy towers and ensure your win.

- Taunts, available at the bottom of the screen in the chat bubble, can be used to get the head of your opponent to get into it. 


Tip from readers

 Invetalcom suggests that it can be effective to use the combination of a freeze spell and a hog rider or a prince to use right tactics to get you out of a defensive game and be successful at the end. 


Improving cards for Clash Royale

After reaching a level, you can improve your cards by using gold. You can improve a preferential card regularly by using your real money on Clash Royale to have enough gold. This strategy can be used in future extensively.


Jewels and chests for Clash Royale

- Jewels can be used to open the chests without waiting.

- After earning achievements, jewels can be unlocked.

- Track the time required for opening the chest to help in opening the best units in larger numbers.


Cheats for Clash Royale

 The free jewels promised against your account information should be suspected as there is no cheats for Clash Royale and thieves can trick your account.


Review of Clash Royale

 Royal tower defense vs. the Clash of Warcraft


Though the graphics of Clash Royale and Clash of Warcraft are similar, their strategies are a bit different. They may have many similarly named fighters but their appearance and gameplay are different.

 Clash of Warcraft is a card game whereas Clash Royale is a mixture of tower defense. In the former, the card fights and the river divide the center to allow a fighter to cross through two bridges. In the latter, each player has to protect his three towers and loses the game with the destruction of his main tower. Thus Clash Royale is a marvelous mix of card and tower battle game. One can win the game if he has more towers than his opponent after three minutes of the game or fighting with the fighters of different enemies.

 The cards, representing the fighters at the bottom of the board, are used to play this game. But the player has to decide quickly with whom he wants to fight by placing his cards at the right place. 


Success with balanced deck

 A good and mixed deck is the secret of success in Clash of Warcraft as well as Clash Royale. 

 Even very strong fighters with costly elixir may not fight successfully against several cheap troops of the opponents. A good mixture of fighters as per the style of the player can make a great difference in the game. You can improve your selection of fighters by using gold to unlock chests to get real money, after waiting for some time. This waiting time can be reduced by using gems.

 This tactic is also used in Clash Royale, but they have to unlock a lot to get the best fighter and win the game. 

Strange things about Clash Royale

- It does not take much time to build before starting to play. It is an exciting game as you start playing as you activate it.

- It offers many tensions for the players focused on the timer of the game to deploy fighters and win it if they are balanced against each other.

- On the whole, outstanding controls, background music, sounds of fight and cartoon graphics make Clash Royale a great game for the players


Final word

 Clash Royale is a game that must go on consistently as compared to other games of this type. It can be made more interesting by including some game modes. Still, you can play it for long but not getting addicted to it.